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Solar Technology

Generate your own renewable energy with Solar Power

If you are looking to reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint, then solar systems are the way to go. We offer efficient high-quality installations designed for your home and tailored to your needs, so you can generate your own renewable energy. Solar works by generating electricity from sunlight in a clean and green way, allowing you to monitor your consumption, reduce your carbon footprint, and significantly cut electricity bills. 

We will install a number of solar panels onto your roof that convert free energy from the sun into electricity that can be used within your home. We can discuss the option of adding battery packs to your system to store energy generated from the sun for use throughout the day and night.

Why Solar, Why Soltec?

Reduce Energy Bills

Reduce your carbon footprint

Helpful, friendly team

Competitive Quote

Covering Essex & London

Professional Service

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Get in Touch

Give us a call on 01702 960859 or email us at to discuss your solar needs. 

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