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Commercial Air Conditioning 

Benefits of Cassette

  • Air is blown in all directions for fast and effective temperature control

  • Discreet and unobtrusive appearance

  • Operate quietly for minimum disruption

  • Available in a range of sizes and capacities

  • Cost-effective

Cassette or Compact Cassette

Perfect for a range of commercial applications, cassette type air conditioning units are designed to provide effective cooling and heating in large workspaces. These units are generally fitted into false ceilings and offer an excellent way of freeing up valuable floor and wall space. They are great for environments where space is at a premium, and high-grade performance is required. This model provides quality and coverage for spaces of all sizes.

Cassette units consist of an indoor unit that distributes conditioned air through four sides of the unit and sits flush in the ceiling (where this is not available a fibre glass surround can be installed to hide the cassette pipework and cassette unless you wish to have that industrial look). This is connected to the outdoor unit through pipework which is mounted on an outside wall or roof.

Benefits of Wall-Mounted

  • Affordable

  • Models to suit any budget

  • Highly energy efficient

  • Extremely quiet

  • Slim, lightweight and unobtrusive designs

  • Fast and efficient cooling and heating

  • Filters the air for clean and healthy air quality

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted air conditioning units are also very popular in commercial properties. They are a quiet, high-performance cooling and heating system and their high energy-efficiency means they are economical to run ranging from A to A+++.

The system is made up of two units that are connected by pipework.

The indoor unit is installed on the wall in the room that requires cooling and/or heating, and a condenser unit is installed outside either on the ground, wall or flat roof. The number of units you will require to effectively cool a room will depend on the size of the room and its function. Multiple internals units can also be installed to cool and heat several rooms in your premises all running off one condenser. This is a multi-split condenser. Remotes or app-based controls can be used ensuring the optimum temperature for your commercial property.


Benefits of Ducted

  • Complete temperature control for multiple rooms

  • Extremely discrete

  • Very quiet

  • Powerful and efficient temperature control

  • Flexible remote control of temperature for different zones or rooms

  • Energy-efficient

  • Cost-effective to run

Ducted air conditioning units are very popular due to the discreetness of the system. You can have one central indoor unit and one outdoor unit to distribute cool or warm air to different zones or rooms through a series of ducts. Ducts are installed above each room you wish to have air conditioning in. The air can be delivered through circular pods within the ceiling or grilles based on your preference. You will be able to choose from a sophisticated and elegant array of grille or pod designs. Circular are the most aesthetically pleasing, with great 360° distribution.


Each room or zone can be individually temperature controlled either through one centralised remote that controls all the zones or with wall mounted remotes or app-based remotes for each zone from your smart phone.

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