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We are a specialist Air Conditioning services Installer and facilities mechanical & electrical services provider. Experts in timely reactive response while providing a superior service in line with customer’s specific objectives.

Over 100 years of combined experience in the mechanical services industry resulting in our extensive range of services

Latest Soltec News

Survey Drone

Soltec Uk purchased the new DJI Hd Camera Drone inorder

to be able to do roof top surveys and picture

hard to reach areas


Soltec Uk has made the jump to the new 54 volt Dewalt tool range to make it easy to work in area's with no power and limited access

Soltec Uk has purchased and put to work the New Zoom Lock pipe crimping tool

This is a state of the art pipe connection tool to replace Braised joints and guarantee a rock solid joint

Zoom Lock

FOR 2018

Air Conditioning services
Copper Ducting

“ Our team proving Ducting does not have to be ugly and seeing the rewards at the finished end product “

This can be used for air in or air out and Air conditioning warm air or cold

Making modern commercial services look aesthetically pleasing

Thermal Imaging

Our new thermal imaging cameras help us look for leaks , Heat losses and Insulation properties as well as seeing how well our Heating and

Cooling services are working.

Soltec Acquires 1st call glass

Soltec ( Uk ) is pleased it can now offer Double glazing installs and repair to its already extensive range of services